Importing EPub Books

I tried importing an ePub and nothing happened. I used Calibre and received an error saying couldn’t load file. Has anyone go across this issue and found a solution?


Can you explain what you mean by “used Calibre”? You shouldn’t have to use anything to import an unencrypted epub or mobi file.

You could copy and paste the text into a Word document if you have MS Word and then import the word doc.

I’m guessing your Epub is DRM protected. Look up “Calibre DeDRM plugins”, remove the DRM and then try uploading the Epub to LingQ again.

You can send us your ePub file to support(at) and I’ll take a look.


Its a conversion app for most ebook file types

Yes, I know what Calibre is. But you don’t need it if you have an unencrypted epub file. That’s why I asked him what he was using it for. Personally, I’ve had difficulties using it to deprotect Kindle files. Now I use Epubor Ultimate. Much easier.

Thanks that is useful to know

hi bro i cant download the audio of the lessons when im importing