Importing Arabic books

Hello everyone, I’m an avid user of LingQ, I love being here studying many different languages including Arabic. Now when I try to download some books I had found and I try to import them, it doesn’t work, because LingQ probably cannot recognise the script, it might be too cursive for the system, I am not sure. Any ideas how to solve that problem? Many thanks in advance.

Hi Damjan94. I’ve not encountered this problem so far with Arabic. Where are you trying to download from and what is the issue?

Hello, for example I tried to import books from, like Naguib Mahfouz or الفيل الازرق , same with, but I guess the system cannot recognise the script. Do you have another suggestion/recommendation for finding books? Or do you have any specific books to recommend? Many thanks. Also I’ve tried to import some other books and LingQ said it couldn’t be imported, please ensure every digital protection has been removed, what to do about that?

The best one I use is this one:

(I import each chapter of the book individually and only import ones without diacritics)

I‘ve also got the Harry Potter series from here:

I also use Audible which I’ve had no problems with.

Hope this helps but I’m probably a bit off your level to have a greater supply of books.