Importing and sharing text without audio

Are we currently allowed to import and share text without accompanying audio? I found an old thread in which someone said it was not possible because of the service’s guidelines, but it seems that there are lessons without audio in the library, like this one: Wikipédia Français-Histoire (périodes) (périodes).

When you give us a link with “workdesk” in it, we can’t look at it, it’s your personal URL. I know that at one time Steve’s book was in the Spanish library largely without audio. But he is the exception, I think. We lesser mortals have to provide audio for others when we want to share items (either from with LingQ or through an external site).

Thanks for the input, SanneT, links corrected too.

@Elric - The link you posted is only accessible by you. The best place to grab the lesson url is by clicking on the Email link in the Share controls on the lesson page. The link will be in the email that opens. Regarding importing of lessons, of course you don’t need audio, however, you do need audio if you want to share the lessons in the Library.

@Elric - I just checked and the lesson you linked to in fact does have an audio file attached to it. Are you having trouble accessing this audio file?

Alex, sorry, that was my fault. It was probably an issue with my workplace filtering software. I didn’t see the little red circle in the resources, and my browser wouldn’t load the audio files, so I assumed it had no audio, but now that I’m looking at it from my home computer I can see it does have audio.