Importing and language detection

I understand that you use Google’s language detection with the importing bookmarklet but sometimes it is just crazy and it needs to be fixed somehow

Sometimes when I have a Korean text that is completely free of any roman letters it still gets detected as German or Swedish or something crazy even though it is all Korean.

There has to be a way to force the bookmarklet to only import into a certain language.

Or there should be a way to stop the bookmarklet from importing into languges you have not started. If I don’t have any lingqs or anything on my Swedish lingq page, then it should obviously recognize I’m probably not going to import some Swedish text.

I only use the Korean lingq page so it should recognize that I’m only going to import Korean. If I have deleted all my other lingq language pages, lingq, when importing, should never open a new language page or import into a new language that I haven’t previously started.

One of the challenges with this is that the text you see and the text Google sees don’t always line up.

A nice middle ground is to bookmark your “Quick Imports” collection in the Import section, then just copy the text, click this bookmark, add a new lesson and paste the text the normal way. This will, after all, give you the ultimate control of where a text is imported.

As with everything, however, we only have a limited amount of time and resources, so spending more time on this will result in less time on higher priority tasks that we are working on.