Importing a lesson with video

I’m importing a new lesson into the Portuguese library and I want to include a video as resource. Although the lesson and the video are in Portuguese, I get an error message if I don’t fill in the field for English. Is this supposed to happen?


Hi @mfr - please make sure that you copy and paste the YouTube URL exactly from that video. Select Portuguese (as you did on your second screenshot) and short description in Portuguese. I have just tried to do the same. It works fine for me. If you still run into this issue, please send me the video link so that I can test it from my account.

Hi Galina
I tried in a new lesson and it worked well, but I don’t seem able to delete the video url as an English resource in this particular lesson.

I still get this error:

Under resources, I now have
Video – Portuguese
Video – English
and I only want the Portuguese one.

Oh, I see. I couldn’t either. Sorry about that! We will look into it and see what we can do here :slight_smile:

Thanks, Galina!