Imported Lessons

I’m trying to downgrade to study other ways for a while.
I get the message
To downgrade you must have fewer than 5 imported unshared lessons. Delete imported unshared lessons until you are below this limit then downgrade again.

How do I find only my imported lessons?
I don’t want to go through my tons of pages of lessons to find the imported, unshared ones.

I figured it’d be there, but there are only 5 on that page.

Go to the Accounts page to check how many imported lessons you have. The number will show about half way down the page.
It’s possible that you have imported lessons in other languages as well, so that may be affecting it. Each language has a separate import section so things don’t get mixed up.

By the way, you can use the filters on the right hand side to sort for private lessons :slight_smile:

Actually, the “Status” filter doesn’t appear to be working properly…we’ll get this fixed soon.

Ah, figured it out :slight_smile:
If you’re on the Import page, make sure that you have “Lessons” selected as the View if you want to use the Status filter.

Ah, thanks.