Imported lessons were deleted without reasons

Dear LingQ staff,

I have many lessons with toefl vocabulary deleted in lingq. I loginned to my account today and see this, this is total loss for me. But I’d like to know why my imported lessons were deleted without any notification. It’s possible that because i downgrade to free member for a while? Is there anyway to recover those lessons ? They are very valuable for me.


Ok I do not work here, but from experience I can tell you this: I think you are right, and this happened because you downgraded, but when I downgraded I could decide which lessons to delete.
This also happens, when you delete your language in general.
As far as I know your LingQs will remain intact, therefore if you open another lesson with the corresponding words you should still see them in yellow, but I had my downgrade before the update, so I do not know if this still works this way.

And I don’t know nothing about getting lessons back, maybe you have them stored somewhere else? And when you upgrade again you could import them once more?

I am sure that you will receive a more valid answer within 24 hours by an administrator!

@lovethule - I’m not sure exactly when these lessons were removed, but I assume it was some time last year. There is a limit on the number of privately imported lessons Free users can have in their account. When a payment fails we send out a notification email, and in the email that was sent to you it will have noted this. Please check your email account for an email entitled “LingQ Membership Downgraded”. I have forwarded this same email to you again so you can see that it was sent.

We are unable to re-add these lessons as they no longer exist on our database. Should you decide to upgrade and add new imported lessons, these lessons will be preserved until you decide to downgrade your account back to Free.

I hope this helps explain everything!