Imported lessons do not show in continue studying

Now I have the opposite of the undeletable lessons…

I imported a newspaper article (recommended on lingq)
and wanted to read it later. But everytime I closed the article, it was not in my imports or my study queue. I used the back button to read the article, but I’d like to be able to still save stuff for later. Thanks

Can you try finding it under View All for Continue Studying and then change to lesson view and sort by Newly Imported. Does that help?

No, I tried to find it in my Imports, but it’s not there.
Moreover, this seems to be a problem in all languages. I tried Dutch and Danish

Update: I have to log out, to have my list updated. The lessons are there once I log in again. I seem unable to import on my kindle though, as there is an error: cant be imported. If I use the app and log out, I can work with the lessons. However, this is a little annoying

Thank you, we will look into it.

Hi Safran, I have noticed that another way to trick the app (android)/web to display this new lesson is to create a few lingqs in the new lesson. But this doesn’t work all the time.