Imported lessons are edited by someone, and then my access is limited

For example, recently imported News-broadcast

was edited by user ojbirch. I’ve never asked for that!

More, now I can’t fix my lesson. For me, it is read-only.

This unauthorized activity must stop. Users with random names (ojbirch, TestLingQtest, mwergles, Ugo_N) must not be given rights to change anybody’s lessons. And of course, in no circumstances should an author be banned from editing the lesson.

I have only one option - to remove the lessons from public access, or from the platform altogether. I’m a bit annoyed (due to lack of communication between LingQ and customers).


Yes, I think you are mostly right but I would handle this differently. Users could see mistakes and correct them but the corrections should be supervised and authorized only by the author or another language editor/moderator (in case the author is not active anymore or doesn’t respond quickly).

I see often mistakes in other lessons but I don’t do anything (also because it’s too slow and there is no possibility to edit from the app yet). It would be easier to have a system to make a quick correction and send the corrections to the author for approval. Something like Wikipedia?

I don’t understand why you have read-only though. Can users change your editing rights? That’s not nice.


Hi LingQ/Zoran
Exactly same happened to me this afternoon on the course I shared:- På Vei

However, in my case as I only recently started Norwegian, I can appreciate corrections (to my spelling - apologies my bad) as it was done by someone with more knowledge and experience than me. Tusen takk!

But now I am not able to edit those 6 or 7 lessons that were corrected at all any more apart from giving ‘approval’? It seems like I no longer have the ability/rights to do anything there now?

Do you know if user editing changes will ‘lock’ the lesson to their control, or do they have to reciprocate and also acknowledge the changes to revert lesson rights back to the original ‘sharer’?
Thanks for your feedback

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Apparently the problem about being locked out of editting your own lessons is because theya re being editted by people with the new version of LingQ 5.0, and once the lessons have been converted to the new form people on the old version of LingQ can’t edit them.
So hopefully when we’re all on the new version of LingQ we’ll be able to edit our content again.


Thank you for this tip. It explains the issue with lesson locking. Such a mess(


Sorry about the confusion Sergey, and everyone else! Users who are editing lessons are LingQ Librarians.
What we are actually doing is just converting all the lessons to a new format. All lessons needs to be converted before we launch LingQ 5.0.
Once lesson is converted, it is no longer editable in LingQ 4, but as soon as we launch LingQ 5, you will be able to edit them again.