Imported lesson turned new words into known words

I imported a podcast from Youtube and it converted all the new words into known words. Is there a way for me to undo this? Thank you for any help you can give

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Did you complete a lesson after importing it? Completing a lesson will move all blue words to Known, even if you have “Paging moves to known” option disabled under the settings. It’s not possible to reverse it, but you can still select any white (Known) word in a text and create a LingQ of it to add it to your Vocabulary.


Thank you. That is what I thought happened. I am still trying to work with importing content that I am more interested in and a lot of them are longer podcasts. I think I completed it to get credit for the time listened and I believe that’s when it converted them all. Thank you so much for your very quick response! You are awesome.

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