Imported EBook/Imported youtube video - words read not increasing in lesson statistics

I imported an ebook recently, that is showing odd behavior. I first noticed when completing the first “lesson” of the book. I clicked complete, but it showed the Words read (times read) as .3. I had to up the counter manually. It did this with the 2nd lesson as well. I’m in the 3rd lesson now about a quarter of the way through and it is showing 0.0 for the Words Read counter.

I’m not having the issue with other imported lessons from new articles for instance. I’ve not tried importing another book recently to see if the behavior is similar. Other books I’ve imported have not had this issue so it may be a more recent issue, or something particular to the book.


Bumping this again as I’ve seen this in another import. This time, not a book, but rather a youtube video.

The video was: Muskeln wie Johny Münster? Das machen Fitness Influencer mit unserem Selbstbild | reporter (

It has real German subtitles. I read the lesson over the course of a few days, in sentence mode. When I ultimately clicked “finish lesson” it showed that I had read 0.0 times. (no wonder my coins were going up so slow).

Oddly, I didn’t have an issue with another video from the same channel. So I’m not sure what is causing this issue sometimes.

Additional info…This also seems to be limited to Android. I am able to get words read updating when using ipad. I’m not sure about web on these particular ones.

I also can say, this isn’t a problem on Android with all lessons. Only these two that I’ve noticed so far.

Thanks, we will investigate the issue.

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Additional info. This seems to be occurring only in sentence mode.

For me it is happening on recently imported books and youtube videos. I also typically import content from a new website (DW), but that seems unaffected.

And again…this is only on Android that I’m seeing the issue.

This appears fixed with the latest update. Thanks!

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Update…appears to not be counting words read again on some imports with the latest android update.