Imported Content - Word Count Problem

I often import many different things onto Lingq. Books, articles, Etc.

I recently have imported a book and some other things and realized that when i am reading through the book that lingq is not counting the words that I am reading. Every time I go back to check how many words I have read it is always at 0.

It is only a problem with imported items. If someone could look into this and maybe have it fixed to were Lingq counts how many words you read on the imported things as well that would be great.

Some of my imported items it counts but some it doesn’t. I really like to keep up with how many words i am reading so if someone could look into this problem and have it possibly fixed that would be great!


Lingq counts the words you have learned, not the words that you have read, as far as I know.

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Yeah it counts the words you have learned but also if you look at your stats it shows how many words you have read, how many hours you have listened etc.

OK, 5coppock5, You are right. I never paid any attention to this., but I’ll do it now. Of course the words count of self-imported texts should be taken into consideration the same way as other texts.

Great, Thank you! Yeah I like to read a certain amount of words each day. Recently I have been reading from a book I have imported onto Lingq and its not showing up on my stats so i cant keep up with how much reading i am doing. If you could fix this that would be great. Thanks again!!

Sorry, 5coppock5, I’m not the one who could fix this kind of things. This is up to the developers. But I think that they will read these posts and, if possible, do something about it.

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Words get counted as read when you hit the green checkmark to finish the lesson (which has the side effect of moving remaining blue words to known), or when you manually add a “read” count for that lesson. So if you’re reading a really long lesson over a period of days you won’t get any read words credit until the end.

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Yeah, I was expecting it to be counted each time I flipped a page. I just finished reading through a long article and like you said when I got to the end all the words were counted. Great, Thanks !