Importance - in the vocabulary section

I thought “Importance” has the meaning from three or four stars behind the word but I see words with one star too.
What advantage do I have with choosing “Importance”?

Words that have 3 or 4 stars are very common, and therefore, very important to learn. Words with only 1 or 2 stars are less common and not so important to learn.

Steve just brought to my attention the fact that once you have thousands of learned words, most words you save will only be one or two-star words. When you get to this point, you will have to decide which words are important to you. Also, even if you only have a few hundred or a few thousand learned words, there may be some one and two-star words that are important to you. For example, you might be a doctor who is interested in learning anatomical terms. The words will not likely be high frequency words (only 1 or 2 stars), but they will be important to you.

I believe the tag system covers this situation, don’t you?
Your doctor could tag important words as ‘technical’, or ‘anatomy’ for instance.
I agree with Irene, I can’t see much usefulness in having the word importance editable.

If I see correctly I have no influence of the star! The system decides of the star. Only with tag I could influence what important is for me.

The next point is that all phrases get one star indifferently which important word is in it. I like more saving phrases then single words. For choosing phrases the best is “Creation Date” and here it could be helpful to have a period of time.

Most phrases are not common because every learner decides what combination of two or more words they consider to be a phrase. This means that there is an endless amount of phrases. That’s the reason that most of them will only have one star. The stars really only work for individual words.

Please keep in mind that you do not have to use the importance filter if you do not find it useful.