Importable Egyptian Arabic Content

Hi, can anyone recommend useful importable YouTube content in Egyptian with Arabic captions? I find that many of the shows or miniseries’ that I like either have no captions at all, or simply can’t be imported for whatever reason. I tried asking the same question in the Arabic Forum, but received no response, as I assume that most of the traffic and activity is happening in the Open Forum. Thanks in advance.

Hi Naquib, if videos have Arabic captions there shouldn’t be a reason for not being able to import them. btw, have you checked the new lingQ 5.0 Arabic library? many YouTube videos have been added there, of course not all in Egyptian.

Not yet, I’m using Android, so as far as I know, version 5.0’s not yet been released. The problem was finding digestible Egyptian videos with the captions, since most that I encountered were either in Standard Arabic or were so complex that the tech couldn’t nail down the captions correctly.

yes it’s harder to find Egyptian. the new videos are only on web version for now, you can access the library here: Login - LingQ

Actually, I did come across a YouTube channel called “Community of Babel” wherein many of their videos have Egyptian and Syrian Arabic captions and their language learning philosophy regarding input; listening and reading, is very much the same as Steve Kaufman’s. Perhaps you could get permission from them to share their content through LingQ.

thanks Naquib, I’ll share them as external lessons on web.

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