Anybody who nows how to import a audio book . i want to import The great Gatsby in spanish !!!

Importing longform audio is not really practical on the LingQ interface. For best result, import just the e-book text – it will be split into ‘lessons’ of @ 2000 words each. Then use a separate mp3 player to listen to the audio portion as you read along with the text. This is a way better solution than trying to spit up the audio file. Once you’re done with the book, you can manually update your reading stats if that’s a concern.

Pro tip :slight_smile: I use my iPhone headphones, with only the left earbud in (the file is mono anyway.) This way, I can put the mic with the “Play/Pause” button directly under my left finger on the desk. With my right hand working the keyboard shortcuts to work the lingqs, and the left hand doing pause and play, makes for a very fluid experience going through books and podcasts with text.

man thx i think it helped a lot. Something there is something else i would like to ask you about french. At 25000 words how do you feel the language. Do you start to get the hang of it?

I’d say I feel fairly comfortable with French. I do a lot of reading and listening with audiobooks, and a lot of passive listening with podcasts, so when the opportunities come to converse, I’m able to ease into it quickly. There is really no better way to build up a solid vocabulary than working with books. Talking can come surprisingly easy when you’ve listened and read a lot.

I plan on being on your level in about 2 months hopefully. Really pushing it right now 2 hours each day.Overloading the system but in 2 months i hope i will start to see significant results…You suggest staying with books or do some courses that lingq offers like 1 phrase each day??

I’d say try both and see what works for you. If you have 2 hours each day, than you can mix it up between content. Some of the LingQ podcasts with Steve and co. are fun and they’re a good way to ease into advanced material. For me, I’ve been using LingQ almost exclusively for reading imported books. I don’t use flash cards, or other exercises here. I’m sure they’re useful for people, but once I was over about 7000 words I really found that books w/ audio are just better, funner, faster way way of learning and engaging with the language and the site.

It should be said that I’ve always liked reading, and I particularly like listening to audiobooks. I used to listen to a lot of books in English before I started learning other languages, and once I discovered that Audible had books in French and German, I specifically set out to learn to be able to listen to those books unassisted, because I knew that once I can do that, I can have a lifetime of being engaged with those languages without much effort, since I can keep listening to books just for the fun of it “till they shut down the internet.”

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