Import your Conversation Reports

We have received great feedback since our tutors started sending Conversation Reports and this has lead to this latest improvement which is the ability to import your entire report. This way you can use the tools on the Workdesk to review your report. Save the words and phrases from the Discussion Notes or from your tutor’s Comments that you want to learn. Review these words using Flashcards right in the WorkDesk. In addition, you will receive these words and phrases in your LingQs of the Day.

This way your tutors will be able to use the Skype chat box and then cut and paste the whole conversation into your Discussion Notes field where it can then be easily imported. This is just one more way of making the learning process more efficient.


Mark is it possible now to edit the report box where the tutor cut and pasted the conversation?
If no I cannot import the whole from here in the vocabulary because there is the name of the tutor, the time and so on.
Or do I see that wrong?

No, the point is that you now don’t have to edit the report box. Just import it and save the parts you want to save. You can ignore the rest of the text, including the tutors name and times of comments. This way you don’t have to spend the time editing the Discussion Notes before LingQing. You also get to enter a Hint right away when you create each LingQ.