"Import Vocabulary" doesn't work

Hi, LingQ staff

Thank you very much as always for upgrading the LingQ system.

I noticed one problem. “Import Vocabulary” feature on the Vocabulary page doesn’t work lately.

I think this happened after the upgrade of the vocabulary page. I have sometimes imported my vocabulary list into the LingQ flashcard using a csv.file and until the upgrade of the vocabulary page it had worked well.

But after the upgrade, the column of Hints doesn’t show sentences properly.
Every letter of words is split and shown in the different line and the flashcard shows only a single letter only.

I am not sure this is happening to only me, though please check it out.

To be honest, as one of the enthusiastic fans of LingQ flashcard, I don’t like this upgrade of the vocabulary page because it takes more time to flip the flashcard than before.

I know many people like other new features like dictation, multiple choice or so on. I only hope that the flashcard feature will not disappear at the next upgrade!

Thank you very much in advance.

@hirohide - Yes, we will look into the importing of csv files. It is broken because the structure of our hints has changed now. We will get it fixed. I don’t understand your issue with the flashcards. It shouldn’t be any slower to flip the cards now. I find it quite fast for me. How long does it take for you to flip them?


Thank you very much for your quick reply and trying to fix the problem of csv files.

As for the flipping speed of the flashcard, when I check the flashcard on my PC, the speed is the same as before. So, it’s no problem. However, I usually use the flashcard of the LingQ system on my android phone, not with iLingQ (because all the sentences on back page of the flashcards of iLingQ still don’t show). And the flipping speed of the flashcard using it on android phone is very slow now compared to that of the past.

I wonder it is because of the limit of the CPU of my android phone. I have to give up if the problem is my android phone, however I have been able to use the flashcard smoothly before the upgrade of the vocabulary page, so I wonder why it became so slow.

@hirohide - What do you mean the sentences on the back page of the flashcards don’t show in iLingQ? You don’t see the phrase on the back of the card in iLingQ? Do you have “phrases” selected to appear on the back of the card on the Settings page in the app? Both hints and phrases should show if you have these fields selected.

I don’t really know why the cards would flip slowly for you on your android phone. We are working to improve the android app.

I’m sorry that my explanation was not enough and not easily understandable.
I have “Term” selected on the front page of the flashcard and have “Term”, “Phrase”, and “Hint” selected on the back page of it both on my LingQ and on my iLingQ setting.

In my thought, the problem of the flashcard of iLingQ is that the number of words shown on the card is limited on iLingQ compared to the LingQ on PC. The same flashcard that I registered that show full sentences on PC doesn’t show all of them on iLingQ of my android phone.
Of course, if the number of words that I register is small, all of them are shown even on the iLingQ. The problem is that the same flashcard that show all the registered words on PC doesn’t show all of them on the iLingQ. If I use LingQ on my android phone, not iLingQ, all of the sentences on the flashcard are shown, though the size of the letters is small. So, I usually use flashcards of LingQ on my android phone, not ones of iLingQ, on commuting.

@hirohide - I understand now. We have no plans to increase the number of characters that display for a phrase in the app but we will keep it in mind. How long are the phrases you are currently saving? If the flashcards on the site are working slowly for you in Android, there is not much we can do about that. It is out of our control. It may be your device or the operating system causing this issue. Perhaps you can shorten your phrases so they display properly on iLingQ…! :wink:

@mark, and other LingQ staff

Now, “Import Vocabulary” feature DOES work properly!
Thank you very much as always for your quick fixing the problem.

I cannot thank you all the staff of LingQ site enough for your attitude that you try to make your site better and better for enthusiastic language learners all over the world.

Happy New Year and good luck with the LingQ site ever than before.

I would like to use the LingQ site this year as much as last year!

You’re welcome Hirohide. Thanks for letting us know about that problem. Happy New Year to you!