Import Page function suggestion

Not that I want to make it a habit to create new threads for suggestions. There’s more than enough going around…

I was wondering if it would be possible to add an “Edit” button next to the lesson’s title in the import page to quickly edit the Lesson Title.

At the moment If i wanted to change the title name i have to open each lesson , change the title and then go back to the import lesson page/collection page to change the title of the next lesson in a collection. Would be great if i didnt have to open the lesson and just be able to edit the title directly in the import page where the lessons/collections are being listed.

Reason It would be nice to have this option: I need to change lesson titles on 80 lessons in 1 collection in order to get the lessons to properly organize alphabetically in the my "MY lessons " page. Would save alot of time =p.

Definitely not something thats a priority at all. As always I absolutely DO NOT expect this option to be added ( Steve likes to remind us all that Lingq cannot possibly cater to all users which I’m 1000% aware of.). It’s Just a thought/suggestion. I wonder if anyone else would like this kind of option other than me???

If its easy to do , would be nice to have it added at some point later down the line. Kinda like what you guys did with the Edit Lingq button but for Lesson titles in the import page!


I am with you on this one, sometimes a little change can make things much easier.