Import of a whole collection imported more items and items without audio

I’ve imported the whole collection “This is your brain on scones”. There where four items shown. But the system imported six items and two of the items are without audio.

What do you mean “imported”? Do you mean you took the whole Collection from the Library?

Ahh…I see what you mean. The unpublished Items are also added to your account. We will fix this…

Yes Mark, you’re right.

Yes, the two without audio are the next ones to record. Hopefully I can do them tomorrow and share them.

I also have ideas for a series for beginners and children learning English. It will relate to the topics in “This is your Brain on Scones” but be easier to understand. It means I need to do a lot more articles in the Scones series, on subjects such as Doctor Who, The Clangers and Morris Dancing.

My son is helping me with ideas so it is almost certain to include dodos at some point.

OK, they’re there with audio now Vera.

The reason I had left them without audio is that after uploading the text I thought they looked really rather boring and that no-one would want to listen to them!

Hi Helen, that’s okay!
When they fix the problem this items wouldn’t be shared anymore.
It would be nice to have content for children :slight_smile:
My daughter helps me with german content in the collection “Meine Tochter und ich”