Import not working

Whenever I try to import an item I get a “failed” notification.

This occurs on both iPhone and Mac. I have tried importing YouTube videos, web pages, as wells from the YouTube app on on my iPhone. I get a “fail” notice every time.


We are looking into the import issue and we will push a fix soon.


Hi Zoran-any word on the progress. I still cant import. Have tried removing and re adding the extension. It tells me no captions but i can clearly see the captions.


Hey, same here. I think this applies only to videos with automatically generated subtitles.

If you search on Youtube → Filters → Features → Subtitles/CC and turn it on, then it’ll provide videos that can be successfully imported.

However, I do hope LingQ can fix this problem.


I just tried to import an article from the internet using the iOS extension and it is working now.

But I still cannot import a video from YouTube. I continue to get an error message.

That worked, thank you so much!

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