Import Lesson -> Words I don't want to appear as "new words"


I import my own lessons from lyrics of songs by copy-pasting it directly with the translation. I put the translation between parenthesis () like this:

Missähän sut tehtiin?
Tähtien tuolla puolella
muovailtiin huolella

(Where about you were made?
On the other side of the stars
you were molded carefully)

What I would like to see is the Finnish part in blue/yellow/white (as a normal word from the language I am learning) and the translation as white only. I don’t want to ignore every single word in English, because I might ignore at the same time a homograph (a Finnish word that’s written the same way as an English one), and when it will appear for real, I won’t notice it and learn it. For example, the word “on” can be either a preposition in English or a verb in Finnish. Now, is there a way for me to add a character before a word that would make it “unlearnable”? #I #don’t #care #if #I #have #to #write #like #this @or @like @this. Is there something I can do to achieve my goal?

Thanks for your response.

When you’re creating an import, why don’t you put the Finnish part in the text box section, and the English translation part in the ‘Resources’ section near the bottom of that same import page? If you click on Resources, you can choose Translation, or Lesson notes, etc. Then choose the language, ie. English. You will then see a text box appear immediately underneath where you can put your translation.

Once you upload your completed import, you will see Finnish only on the left screen, and English translation on the right screen (you may have to click on Lesson Resources to see it). Remember, too, that there’s an edit button available for your own import lessons, so you can go back in and make corrections, or even add a new Lesson Notes section.

Hello Julz611,

Thanks for the idea. I have never included translations that way.

Thanks again,