Import JSON error for "Telediario" (RTVE)

Hi, Zoran!

Since last week I get this error when I try to import “Telediario” (the daily news program of Spanish TV) into LingQ: “Error: Importing failed - Unable to download JSON metadata: No status line received - the server has closed the connection”

URL, for example: Telediario - 15 horas - 25/04/21

It would be nice if LingQ’s developers could fix this error.

Thanks in advance

Thanks Peter, I’ll try to fix it. What exactly you were importing from that website before? Is it video subtitles or a pile of text below the video?

Only the subtitles of the news program, provided it contains subtitles (this is usually the case for the 15h and, sometimes, for the 21 h editions).
In the past, it worked like a charm, but it seems that RTVE has changed their code so that the “metadata” can no longer be read.

I’ve been having the same issue. It says forbidden now when trying to import.