Import feature request

Hello, first like others I have been having an import failure from YouTube on Safari not knowing why. My focus language is Turkish so I am trying to get Turkish TV shows to import. So, I went to Chrome, where I am still having an import failure, however, it was due to the show being to long. Something along the lines of “duration: Ensure this value is less than or equal to 5400.” I am not sure what the 5400 means. Generally, Turkish TV shows can be around 2 hours or more for 1 episode. Thus my feature request is for LingQ to allow the needed space (or whatever is needed) to import a Turkish TV show from YouTube. This also has me wondering if the length of the Turkish shows is part of the failure-to-import issue I have in Safari. If you have any comment or insight to share about this I would appreciate it! Thanks for all your hard work!

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5400 are maximum allowed duration (in seconds, which is 90 mins). That’s the limit for now and I am sure our developers had a good reason why they set that limit. If we can increase it in future, I am sure that we will do that.

Are you still unable to import videos with Safari? Does it work properly on Chrome?