Import Content Request

I would love to be able to import the audio for Journal en Français Facile. they have thousands of 10 minute episodes all with transcripts. Any chance we could get this to work?

main page

specific lesson


You can import the text and the audio as a lesson yourself.
Copy the transcription and download the audio. And then import first the transcription and then the audio.
You can copy and past the transcription directly from the website to the new lesson that you make.
And then you transfer the audio which you downloaded to your computer from your computer to the new lesson. Bonne chance!

importing the text is fine, and normally I would agree

The download button for the audio sends me to a 404 error page on all the ones I have clicked, and now I have to go through and inspect the code to find the mp3. All of which is do able but I don’t want to do it a hundred times or more.

This is strange. I never had this error 404 problem. After downloading the mp3 from the website to my computer I can always find it in the downloads directory. I do this regularly.

It was browser issue. I tried it in another browser and it downloads fine for me. thanks!