Import bug

Yes, again, only the first lesson loads, now with another book. It might start working again tomorrow or the day after, but is there a way to solve it immediately? I hope you guys are getting closer to the actual problem, because it’s really sad. And the thing is, you can clearly see when the bug occurs, the amount of lessons showed 1/1 all the time. When it’s loading successfully, you can already see like 1/2 or something like this, meaning that the process is going and it will load the other rest.

Can you please provide the url to that course? Thanks!

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Yeah sure, Login - LingQ , but the problem it’s impossible to see it now. It’s already been imported fully, I had to wait all night for it. So I don’t know how to show the bug at the moment. Is there any particular time that I should do the import so as to send an email to you immediately?

The same problems happened to me, must wait for several hours to import different kinds of content, from small articles to youtube videos, importing via plugin or creating manually - the same problem. The content that I imported yesterday appeared only today morning. Looks like it takes an age for the server to compute a small bunch of simple text. Very annoying and slow down the immersion.

And, generally speaking, so far for me the LingQ using experience is very laggy and slow, I don’t know if this is a common problem or a new one, cause I am a new user here, but it definitely needs some optimization on the server-side.

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As mentioned in other threads, sometimes it happens that it takes more time for additional parts to appear. We are doing our best to keep improving this feature. In most cases, all parts should be imported quite fast.