Import Bookmarklet

The import bookmarklet no longer seems to work. I’m using Safari 8.0.5.

i had some issues too…

I am sorry to hear that you’re having trouble with this. Are you still not able to import lessons? Which language are you learning? Would you be able to try with importing using different browser? That way we will know if issue is browser related. Thanks!

Sorry to hear that! Which browser are you using?

No, it still doesn’t work. I also just tried it with Firefox (36.0.4) and it doesn’t work with Firefox either.

I’m learning French. After I select the text on the site I’m reading, select French and click the import button, nothing happens. It’s almost like I have forgotten to log in to LingQ before using the bookmarklet, but I haven’t.

Thanks for additional informations here. I’ll report this to our development team and hopefully they will fix it soon.

Just a few quick questions about this. Are you not able to import one page or you are not able to import anything at all? If it is only one page, can you please provide us URL of that page?
Also, it would be great if you can open development console (usually pressing Ctrl-F12 is enough for both FF and Chrome) and copy paste the messages that appear after clicking Import button.
Please let us know!

I don’t seem to be able to import anything from anywhere. Before the server update, I mainly used the bookmarklet to import two or three news stories from every day. I just tried it on Wikipedia too with the same results.

I get the same response with both Safari and Firefox. I’m not a Chrome user, but I tried to install the bookmarklet into Chrome this morning to see if that would work for me, but clicking on the Import Bookmarklet link, found at the bottom of most pages at, doesn’t seem to do anything. So, I couldn’t test it with Chrome.

Here’s the messages that Firefox displays when I click on the bookmarklet:

L’utilisation de « getPreventDefault() » est obsolète. Utiliser « defaultPrevented » à la place.
“The “fb-root” div has not been created, auto-creating” sdk.js:64:238
Error: Permission denied to access property ‘toString’
Error: Permission denied to access property ‘toString’
Error: Permission denied to access property ‘toString’
Error: Permission denied to access property ‘toString’
Error: Permission denied to access property ‘toString’
TypeError: $.cookie is not a function bookmarklet.js:172:12
TypeError: jQuery.easing[jQuery.easing.def] is not a function
Error: Permission denied to access property ‘toString’
“Error: Ad adLoadError error: No ads were found in the ad response. At least one ad is required to be able to load or play. errorCode: 1001” ishow5.asp
Error: Permission denied to access property ‘toString’

I hope that is of some use.

BTW, I just managed to get the bookmarklet installed into Chrome, but it doesn’t work there either.

Just tried to import using the Bookmarklet but to no avail. I use Chrome


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We are working to fix the bookmarklet. Sorry about that. In the meantime, can you use the Chrome extension?

I just installed the bookmarklet on Chrome on Ubuntu 14.04 to help with this issue.

I checked the operation of the bookmarklet with the development console and it reported “Successfully imported to LingQ.”

Then confirmed that the material was in fact added to “My Imports”.

Just confirmed the bookmarklet worked using with the site /u/solanderdog cited (, so I assume you fixed the problem.

After trying the bookmarklet, I added the Chrome extension, and it worked.

Thanks. I’ve been using the Chrome extension a bit. It always works the first time, but often when I try to import a second or third news story from RFI, it tells me that I’ve already imported that article. I think it must be examining my selection and finding some code that is common to all of the stories on RFI.

The “Open Here” option doesn’t seem to work at all for me.

Thanks. I’m able to import stories from RFI again this morning with Safari and the bookmarklet!

At first, I didn’t think it was working because after I use the bookmarklet, the dialog box doesn’t go away on its own. I have to refresh the page that I’ve imported from to get rid of the bookmarklet and move on to another page. The article, however, is waiting for me back on LingQ. Hmmm, I wonder if it was doing that before.

Re Chrome extension:

The “Open Here” option is flaky. It worked last night, but just now it doesn’t and the dev console reported “failed to load response data”.

I’ll edit this post if I stumble upon anything else.

Now the “Open on LingQ” isn’t working properly:

Selecting a new page on the site and highlighting new text, “Open on LingQ”, the lesson from my initial testing is opened in a new tab. The currently selected text is nowhere to be found.

I then tried the bookmarklet. There were no errors on the dev console, just a lot GET methods with status 200. But as with the Chrome extension “Open on LingQ”, the new text does not show up in a new lesson.

Looks like the LingQ devs need to look into this.

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Thanks for fixing it! All seems well now.

Import Bookmarklet should be working fine now. Thanks for your patience!

Importing from RFI doesn’t work for me neither via bookmarklet-ing nor via chrome extension. It just shows up as an empty imported lesson with no text whatsoever.