Import Bookmarklet

Ok, so I am trying to use the bookmarklet to import as a Spanish lesson. But it will only give me the option of importing it as English lessons. I am on Spanish in Lingq right no, so I do not know why it is not working. I want to delete English completely from my account, since I am a native speaker, but If I do that, can I still tutor in it?


After you push the bookmarklet you are then asked to choose the language. It defaults to English but you can click on that dropdown to change it to Spanish. Then you will be able to import in to Spanish.

The first three times it would only let me do english, but then it finally let me select Spanish. Guess there was a minor bug or something. Anyway, you can delete this thread now if you want. Thanks!

Its doing the same thing again, only letting me import in English. I click the little drop down box and don’t see any other languages. :frowning:

@chumnutzly - Can you try deleting the Import Bookmarklet then dragging it to your Bookmarks bar again to see if that helps?

Didn’t work. The thing I don’t understand is, I don’t even have English as a language I am learning, so why would that even come up at all?

It could have something to do with the source of the articles. Is there any English on that page?

Don’t think so. It’s the Spanish version of a webpage. But even so, it wont let me choose another language from the drop down menu, it just says English when I click it. And this is the second or third website it has happened on.

Hmm, very strange. Has anyone else noticed the same problem when using the Import Bookmarklet?