Import bookmarklet wrong language

hi there,

i’ve been loving the import bookmarklet that lets me import selected texts, but for some reason it’s recently been importing into the wrong language (french texts imported into english). is there any way that i can adjust the settings to tell the bookmarklet which language i want to import to? can this be done for multiple language sources that aren’t necessarily supported? (ie can i choose to import my czech material into my english folder, but other languages to their respective supported language folders?)


The import bookmarklet uses Google’s language identification tools to determine what language the selected text is. This can often cause problems when words or phrases from multiple languages are selected. Usually when English is also part of the text it will default to English. Your best option in this case is to either select a smaller portion of the text to see if it works or simply import it the “slow” way :stuck_out_tongue:

You cannot unfortunately tell the content where to go, but that’s one of the benefits of the feature as well (in that the process is fully automated).

ok thanks!

I tried importing a Croatian text using the bookmarklet. It tells me it won’t import unsupported languages, although I can manually import Croatian text. Do I just have to wait until Croatian is formally supported to use this tool?

The Import Bookmarklet can only be used with languages that exist on LingQ. Otherwise it doesn’t know what slot to put the text in :slight_smile:

I guess I don’t understand why there can’t be a slot for “unsupported language”. I’ve had this problem for years, coming back to LingQ every now and then to see if the language(s) I study (Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian) will ever be supported. I mostly just want to import content from the web and read, so this bookmarklet would be particularly useful. Frustrating!

For several logistical reasons, a “blank” slot is not possible at this time. If you would like to see Croatian on LingQ, then you can take part in the vote for beta languages. Each month we will add 1 new language, so make sure to get your friends to vote as well to see Croatian on LingQ sooner rather than later. Vote here: