Import Bookmarklet and Page Title

I use the import bookmarklet a lot, however I was wondering if I could make a suggestion at all - would it be possible for the bookmarklet to copy the title of the page and put it at the top of the document when it’s imported? I know this title is currently extracted to name the import, but I’m not sure if this would be feasible.

I find that with a number of sites I want to import an article, but including the headline also means including a number of sharing links and whatnot which I do not want to count as read and make the import messy. To get around this, I just ignore the title of the article, but that means losing an extra chance to use LingQ.

I fully support this suggestion!

@Lyise - That’s something we can consider when we next look at the bookmarklet however, in the meantime, you can simply edit the text and add it in manually.