Import Bookmark not redirecting me to the LingQ page anymore

Hello everyone!

I happen to use the “import bookmark” frequently and it worked just fine.
But ever since the new server update with downtime my bookmark won’t redirect me to the LingQ page anymore after selecting the text and language it should be importet to.

When I look into my imports afterwards it shows to be imported just fine, but the redirection won’t work anymore.
I also thought maybe the import bookmark was updated, too, so I deleted it and dragged the bookmark onto my bookmark bar to make sure it is the actual one.

It is not a big deal, but it was more convenient with the direction working.^^

Can you tell me if I have to change something or do you already know of this issue?

With regards,

Tobias :slight_smile:

@alex: In addition to my other post, I just noticed the same on both a different and my own computer.

It is working well on my computer, and on my work computer.

What I would quite like to see is the bookmarklet not directing the page to LingQ when it is used, but instead opening the document in a new tab. I think this would be better.

Yeah I second that… a new tab instead of hijacking the page. That would be nice.

Looks like the bookmarklet.js code could be changed from window.location.replace(result.url) to, ‘_blank’) but I haven’t tested it

My Import bookmarklet is working fine in Chrome.

As for having the bookmarklet open in a new tab, I think that is worth doing, and may even be on our list, but I can’t say how high the priority is right now.

I am using Firefox and I would also prefer the bookmarklet opening in a new tab.^^

This would be nice and we have tried to do this in the past but because most users block popups and the opening of tabs we had to revert to the current setup. Otherwise, most users would either just think nothing was happening or would be asked to unblock popups on whatever site they were on which is also weird. There were other issues and it was just not worth the effort to try and make this happen.

I cannot get the bookmarklet to work at all anymore. I have to cut and paste the text into a lesson. I have been using the bookmarklet without any problems for almost 2 and a half years. I would really like to have it back.

@Gingko - I just tried and don’t seem to have any issues with the Import Bookmarklet. Would you be able to try it in another browser to see if it works there? Also, please let us know which browser and version number you are currently using.

If it helps, my Firefox is version 21.0 and I have the same issue as Gingko, except that the import works if I look up the imports page, but the redirection simply doesn’t work anymore (what it did before, though).^^

Thanks Alex. I removed the Import Bookmarklet and re-installed it. It now works. I am also using Firefox 21.0.

Now it works fine

@Gingko, Domas - Glad to hear it’s working for you both now.

@Junomaru - Can you also try deleting then readding the Import Bookmarklet to see if it’s working for you as well?

I did that once right after I encountered it not working anymore and it still did not work afterwards.
But now I tried it once again and suprisingly it works again as it should!^^ Thanks. :slight_smile:

@Junomaru - Good news! If you have any other issues with this be sure to let us know.

I’m having problems with the import bookmarklet also. I’m using chrome. It just doesn’t seem to work for me. I press it, with the text highlighted, then select the appropriate language, but nothing happens. Not sure what’s going on.

Sometimes it says “you must be logged in to use this” or something like that. But it doesn’t always say that.

@pjim - If it says you must be logged in then it is either that you are not logged in (less likely) or that you have third-party cookies blocked (more likely). Be sure to check your browser settings to make sure you are allowing third-party cookies from

Great allowing third party cookies from lingq has fixed it. Thanks!