'Import as Lesson' on exchange page

I recently decided to give the new exchange features a try for the first time. It is a very impressive system. I decided to start by submitting a brief text in English to a tutor to be translated into Chinese and recorded. The results were good. However, when I clicked on the ‘Import as Lesson’ button, it imported the original English instead of the Chinese. Of course this is not what I was intending. It would be great if the system could be set up such that for translation exchanges, the translation is the thing that is imported.

Of course I can just copy and paste the Chinese text into the lesson.

I’ve reported this problem long time ago, and was told I had chosen the wrong languages. But I think if you and I as experienced users are not able to figure out how it works, the interface needs improvement. It is not intuitive, or it works wrong.

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Look here:

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I understand why it happened after reading the first thread Vera linked to. There is another problem. So I pasted the Chinese into the lesson text easily enough, but now I do not get user hints for any of the initially blue words. If I tell the system to ignore a word (using the big red X), and then select the word, the hints appear.

I recently had a related issue with an English text I submitted to have it translated into Romanian. Read Alex’s reply here: Translation Issue (On Exchange) - Language Forum @ LingQ.

@ColinJohnstone - Regarding the specific lesson, have you experienced this issue with other lessons, or is it just this particular imported lesson? If it is just this lesson, would you be able to email us the URL to this lesson so we can take a closer look?