Import a video from YouTube

I asked a couple of days ago whether I can import a video file and reply was that I can only import a YouTube clip.

I have just tried that, but this also didn’t work. It asked me to put in the text of the clip (I know bits of it, but not the whole text) and it also did not seem to import anything, when I tried.

Has anyone any hints? I would expect that LingQ gets the text from the video clip and then uses the audio of the clip or the audio and video as a source, but this certainly didn’t work for me.

How are you trying to import it? I’m a little confused on the “put in the text of the clip” part.

Best way, in most cases, is to first of all have the LingQ extension added to your browser. Then, start playing the video in youtube with the subtitles selected that you want. Then click the lingq extension. It will ask what course you want to add it to, you can select an existing one or create a new one. That’s it.

If there are no subtitles on your video then it won’t work. Maybe provide a link to the video in particular that you are having trouble with?


Please check this explanation video for more details on YouTube importing:


Thank you to both of you. I will watch the video and will try what you suggested, ericb100.