Almost everyone knows that I’m an active provider for Russian, German and English libraries of Lingq.
It’s interesting to me as for a professional teacher.
But since 2 or 3 days I have such a problem.
By sharing I always see this demand: " You must have an image to share a lesson"

But the most of my lessons go the collections that have a common image that I created by the start of the collection!..
Before it was enough - all lessons in the collection had the same image.
Why I have to change image for every new lesson in the same collection?!

Maybe you should just add the same picture (that you saved on your PC) that goes with your course every time you share a new lesson. You probably don’t need a new picture for each individual lesson. This must be new in the system or it’s a bug.

Yes, it’s possible. But sometimes I clean (‘reinige’) my computer and I don’t keep all old images in it.
And it was so convenient - not to think about the image every time when you once checked it and it appeared automatically for all lessons of this course.

I’m getting the same message too, although the collection has an image itself, and I was never getting this message before. For me it’s just a bit annoying, but no big deal, since I can upload the same image for all the lessons. Anyway, it would be nice to have this fixed.

It’s easy to download the picture from the course (if you have deleted the original on the PC). Just right click the picture and save to a folder, e.g. “Images/Picures” (rechte Maustaste, Bild speichern unter …). It’s very small of course. But next time you want to use it, you don’t have to worry about cropping, just choose it again and that’s it.

Of course it’s possible to find out a solution of this situation, but I just can’t understand why it was necessary to break the convenient former order to and to create additional difficulties.

@evgueny40 - Thanks for reporting this. It should not require an image if the course already has an image.

@evgueny40 - This should now be fixed. Let us know if you’re still having trouble sharing these lessons!

Thanks, Alex! It’s working now.