I'm very impressed with the LingQ tutors!


I’ve now had the opportunity to meet with four LingQ tutors and I need to tell you that I’m very impressed with their professionalism, their dedication, and especially the quality of their feedback. They are patient with my halting (at best) ability to communicate in the language. They are always on time, and when they have needed to cancel a meeting they have - without exception - contacted me prior to the meeting. They all have provided consistently excellent, useful, and thorough feedback and it is a joy to talk to them! I appreciate their efforts and the opportunity to participate in LingQ. Thanks!



Thank you for those kind comments. It is much appreciated. Most of our tutors are also keen learners so they can understand the position of the learner. We are hoping to see more tutors and more learners and that LingQ will really grow as a language learning community. Thanks for your enthusiastic support. Our community will only be as good as our members make it.

Thank you very much, Debbie.

I appreciate this nice comment, and I hope you enjoy learning all your languages. You’re a motivated student, and this is motivating me too.


Back in the day when I was a full-time teacher there was very much a “them and us” attitude between the teachers and the students. In LingQ that division does not exist, because the tutors are mostly students and a lot of the students also tutors. I think that’s very healthy and stimulates a lot of feedback and discussion about the whole process of language learning.