I'm thinking of creating lessons on lingQ from my blog

I was thinking of recording lessons for articles that I write on my blog over at http://www.davidmansaray.com I just wanted to know if the content would be helpful for English learners. If this will be helpful then I will be hapy to record the content.

Awaiting feedback

David, I had a quick look at your blog. It is very nicely designed and the message will certainly be of interest and benefit to our members. Please do record these and share them. Make sure you leave a link to your blog in the introduction to the collection.

That would be great. I have read your blog before and I think the content is great. At the moment I import the text into lingQ, It would be great to have recordings as well.

That’s great. I’ll get some content recorded by the ending of this week :slight_smile:

I just enjoyed reading your blog “practice makes perfect”.

Regarding ‘parking is essential to driving’ I knew a woman who would not agree with that at all: she would always leave the car standing where she put it and then would ask her husband to come and park it for her.

I shall look out for your next post!

So this is going to be the London “estuary” accent? Cool!