I'm new. Help please?

I bought a groupon coupon for this site for a 12 month course (value of RM370) and used the code to create this account. There wasn’t much info to it besides that.

The thing is I don’t see the difference between a paid account and a free account. Could someone please elaborate?

I want to know what the benefits are so I can fully make use of the paid account. Thanks in advance!

You can make an unlimited quantity of Lingqs and then receive the new words as the everyday flashcards.
You can sign up for the discussions with the tutors for the half of the price.
I think it’s enough to justify your payment if you really would like to study foreign languages.
By the way, you can study here not one, but several different languages at the same time.
Good luck!

The most evident advantage is, as Evgueny says, the ability to create an unlimited number of “LingQs”, or add words and phrases to your personal datebase. That is really at the core of our learning system. If you look at my profile you will see that I have saved tens of thousands of LingQs in a variety of languages. Start doing it and you will see the benefits.

Another major benefit is the unlimited ability to import content from elsewhere.

Also if you want to talk to our tutors, which i highly recommend, the points are half price to paying members.

Addional information is available on the site.

Good luck.

Alright. Thanks for the info. :slight_smile: