I'm looking for somebody who wants to practice english

i’m looking for somebody who wants to practice English. we can have a conversation in SKYPE besides we can practice together. I love meeting people all over the world. for a year I’ve studied English I feel that improve. I think so. if you want practice contact me cautinho20

Hi, I am a native English speaker and I want to practice my Spanish. I’m only just starting so I’m not ready to talk over skype yet (bit scared to) but i’d like to help each other via messages. Estás interesado?

por supuesto que si. agregame o te agrego? saludos amigo.

of course! add me , I can help you to improve your Spanish! i’m a native Spanish speaker. greetings from mexico city

Thanks, how do I add you?

well I give you my Skype: cautinho20. Here my email address too erigooner@hotmail.com

Gracias :slight_smile:

espero , y podamos platicar pronto

yo también

espero tu solicitud amigo, o si quieres yo puedo agregarte

I’m sorry, no tengo skype. I’ll try get one soon :slight_smile: