I'm looking for some Russian content

I’m trying to get a job at an auto parts store and often, we get lots of Russian speakers, because our city has a large population of them, and a good number of them like to work on cars.

Anyone know of any place to get Russian content to learn vocabulary pertaining to automobile parts and perhaps just going to a store?


Learning some routine maintenance tasks in Russian would be my first instinct:

Replace a tyre:

Change the motor oil:

You can also look up car related channels on youtube although you will doubtlessly have trouble finding subtitles.

Trying to memorize a list of random vocabulary out of context is a waste of time in my experience. Just saying.

You can quite quickly learn the necessary professional words about the car repair from your Russian speaking clients.
I remember how quickly I learnt the necessary words about the touristic business in different languages when I had to work in 1990s in a travel agency.