I'm looking for native English speaker which learning Russian

I’d like to suggest collaboration. I’m from Russia and I’m learning English. If you want to correspondense and speak using Skype we could do it together. I’d train you in Russian but you do it in English correspondingly. I’m waiting any offer.


Hello? How are you? I’m from Mongolia. If you want to talk with me on skype you can call me. My skype name’s sarnai308. I speak russian a little bit,too.


Hi erde!
What is your native language?


Hi alusov, I am a native english speaker and I’d be willing to speak english with you anytime I’m available. All I ask for in return is you occasionally listening to me practice pronunciation in Russian. My skype is dexterhaslem

hey alusov, i’m a native english speaker from Canada, and I’d also be willing to speak with you in English when it is possible. My Skype address is john.bigsby1

Hi John,
now I see you are an English native speaker. That is good for me because I’m learning English.
We can do a deal - I will speak German with you and after a time you are speaking English with me.
What do you think about?

Hello everyone!
I’m native Russian speaker from Moscow.
My Skype is bega61. I wont make language exchange with native English speaker.
Thank you kindly.

I’m a native English speaker who is learning Russian and who is new to Skype! Alexander, bega61, can I add you to my Skype contacts list? We can speak in English and Russian.

You will see that already you can choose to make your email and skype information visible to your friends. That should facilitate contacts.

Soon we will make it easier for native speakers to create discussions in their language, for their friends who are studying that language to see this, and for people to invite their friends who are studying that language to join these discussions.