I'm looking for native English speaker which learning Russian

I’d like to suggest collaboration. I’m from Russia and I’m learning English. If you want to correspondense and speak using Skype we could do it together. I’d train you in Russian but you do it in English correspondingly. I’m waiting any offer.


I am trying to learn russian and speak only English right now. I would be interested in your offer. Let me know.


jr46812000, you may look at my profile page and contact me via icq or google-talk or msn.

Gentlemen, I am English and I speak Russian “OK” :wink:
My accent will probably amuse you;)
I am willing to help you out.


Dan, why just gentlemen? My family name spelling in English is Ladyzhinski, by the way. A word by word translation from Russian or, rather, Ukranian, would give s-th like “Finewoman”. No any hints, gentlemen :slight_smile:

For those who learns Russian I’d add, to avoid confusion. “Lady” in Russian does not sound like “woman”, it sounds “fine”. It is “zhinski” which is attributed to a woman or a wife in Ukranian. In Russian it is “zhenskiy”, but this is the same. Half of our direct relatives are Ladyzhenskiy.

I want to try speaking by English, and Russian of course, if you want.