I'm looking for a tutor for students in Nigeria

I need help. I need to help my colleague find a tutor online for students who are now studying in Lagos (Nigeria). It’s two guys. Now they’re in their freshman year. We need tutors of French and biology. This is for further study at the University of France


I have heard of educational problems in Nigeria. Many people are trying to get a quality education. This gives you a chance to get a more paid job. I can recommend online training Upskillstutor.com.ng - https://upskillstutor.com.ng/ . So your friends will be able to find qualified teachers. It can be native speakers. Among the tutors there are graduate students of European universities

Thank you for the information. I agree with you that the language should be taught with native speakers. In Nigeria, unfortunately, the quality of education is not yet as high as they would like

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There is a shortage of teachers in Nigeria. An average of 36-40 students per teacher. Therefore, the level of education is not high. Of course, whoever wants to get a better education tries to get as much as possible to enter European or American universities