I'm having troubles using the SRS features of Lingq

Hello everybody,

I’ve started using Lingq to learn Russian a few days ago and while I’m having a lot of fun reading through the texts I can’t quite figure out how to make use of the SRS.

My main problem is that, Russian being a rather synthetic language, I often end up making “LingQs” for words that aren’t in the usual “dictionary form” but rather some arbitrary declension. Then when I try to drill these words through the SRS I have to remember which particular form it’s prompting me from. For instance if it prompts me for “new” the answer might be “новый” but also “новые” or “новому” or “нового” or…

I suspect that people studying other languages might encounter similar problem with, for instance, verb conjugations in Romance languages. Having to remember arbitrary variations of words without context is neither fun nor very productive IMO (except arguably for irregular words, but that’s a different issue). I can’t even imagine how that works at all for even more heavily synthetic languages like Finnish.

So basically I’ve been ignoring the SRS almost completely on LingQ for now (I use other applications and websites for that already, so it’s not a huge deal) but I wondered if I was missing something. How do you fine people deal with this problem?