I'm confused

I am having a problem grasping how to use this system. I have reviewed the tutorial several times and it sounds easy but when I try to use the system it seems to fight me. For instance, I want to make a yellow word blue again. Is that possible? Is there an easier way to learn the system? Am I missing something?

@scsgaras - You can’t really make a yellow word blue again. The idea is that you do something with each blue word. Either it is known or can be ignored or you can create a yellow LingQ for that word. The system is not designed to go back to blue. There is no reason for this. However, if you have ignored a word or indicated it as known, you can highlight it and click on it and the blue pane will be shown again.

@scsgaras - I should also point you at these resources to help you get started:

The best place to start is by taking a quick look at the resources on the Help page - Help.

In particular, you should take a look at these three pages -
How do I learn on LingQ? - Getting Started
Two weeks at LingQ Academy - Getting Started - Two Weeks at LingQ Academy
Learn about our method - Learn languages from what you're interested in!

When you are ready begin with the Getting Started course on the Learn page. You can choose Getting Started as an option from the drop down on the right side of the page. I also recommend using the Tutorial when you open a lesson. You will find the Tutorial in the Lesson Resources drop down in the dashboard on the right side.
Then, if you still have questions, let us know or post your questions on the forum Language Learning Forum - LingQ: Discuss all things language! to get help or suggestions from other members.

Good luck!

Thanks for this info. I have reviewed it several times and I still find your site very difficult to navigate. Since I am having trouble understanding what to do, I accidentally made some blue words yellow and I’m not ready for them to be yellow. I know you said I cannot reverse this so I find these errors confounding because I do not want to add them to my list yet. So, now what do I do? Thanks for your help.

@scsgaras - It’s actually a good thing to save any word you don’t know as a LingQ. You won’t have to review these words necessarily, but it will save you from having to look them up again in future lessons. The more LingQs you save, the more efficient your learning will become when studying lessons through the site.

Instead if you save a word but don’t want the word saved, you can click the red “X” and move the word to Ignore.