iLingQ Word Count sync is not correct

I have been using iLingQ for most of my reading and listening, and for some reason, the words known and the words to next level have gotten out of sync with each other. What should I do? The picture below shows that I know 5490 words, so I should have 410 words left if I am correct, or vice versa.

It also has the same problem on my iPhone.

Sorry about that. We are already looking into this and we hope to have it fixed soon. I’ll keep you updated!

Hi again,
Just to let you know that Known Words counter should be working fine now. Thanks for your patience!

By the way, this time series that you now show is really cool. Does it go further into the past or just one week? Also, is there a way to see it on the website instead of just on the app?

If you are referring to graph which shows up after completing the lesson, it is only available on app. We are looking to implement it into website version in future.

I just got to check and it is working! Thanks!

Cool. It is really motivating to see this graph and compare current activity to past activity.

Hello there - I know it has been a little while, but the IOS app should now be workingperfectly as it has been upgraded in Itunes. If you’re still experiencing issues please let us know.

Thanks for your patience :slight_smile: