iLingQ synchronization problem

I have a question about the iLingQ.

I understand that certain numbers of most recent “my lesson” should appear in iLingQ
I synchronize about every 2 or 3 days but sometimes it takes a few days to appear in my iLingQ the lesson which I created in my LingQ account (in my PC). Why is that?
About “Daily LingQ” is the same. I don’t have any “Daily LingQ” after 26.December.
Is the problem of my side?

@ Yasuko - It sounds to me like you are not synchronizing properly somehow. My Daily LingQs are up to date and any lessons I take immediately show up in my app. Are you sure you are closing and re-opening the app when you have a good internet connection?

I think I was doing it when I had a good Internet connection, but I’m not sure. Your app. works correctly so that means I have problems with my app or my internet connection. Now I’m thinking that it’s possible that there is some security restriction in the net which I uses, so I can’t log-in correctly. Anyway I will try it again.

I still couldn’t synchronize it properly. I think there is no internet connection problem because all the other apps (E-mail, Goodreader, Evernote, Read it later, etc.) work perfectly. I don’t know why I can’t synchronize only iLingQ. I think the problem is mine, not iLingQ’s or LingQ’s problem, but if someone has any idea why I can not synchronize, and could tells me, I would greatly appreciate it!!! iLingQ is fantastic app. so I would like to use it.

I had my language setting as Japanese. I change it to English, so now I can synchronize. It’s so strange…I think I always have had it in Japanese. Anyway, the problem was solved and I am happy now.

@ Yasuko - That is strange. We will check into the language settings since that definitely shouldn’t make a difference.

Yes, it’s strange. Information technology is still so mysterious for me.

I’m funnily enough having the same problem. One solution I’ve found is to change the language and then switch back which causes the app to refresh. Besides that, it doesn’t appear to be working on it’s own. But it’s not really a big deal.

It’s funny because until 1 or 2 months ago, I didn’t have this problem. I don’t know why suddenly it was happened. Anyway it’s not a big deal as you say.

I have the problem that I have to enter user id and password every time I restart the app. That was not the case a few weeks ago…

There are a few issues that have cropped up in the app. We’re looking into it. I’m not sure what has happened since we haven’t done anything to the app in a while. It may be due to a change in the iOS.