iLingQ for Android is missing some lingqs

While comparing multiple lessons between the iLingq application and the online version, I noticed that some of my online lingqs were missing. I then realized that when something is linqed and is directly followed by a comma, it’s not linqed on the mobile app. This error seems to occur in all my lessons. Any fix for this in the near future?


@gem4lyf - I checked this briefly and it seems to be working fine. Would you let us know which lesson and which words you notice are causing problems here?

The above is one example. On the online version, caseiro, palito, especifico, etc. are all highlighted. However, when I pull up this lesson in my iLingq, none of those words are highlighted. Thanks for the quick response.

@gem4lyf - OK, thanks for providing more details about this. I’m now able to reproduce it and we’ll get this fixed in an upcoming version.