iLingq Error - lesson has no audio file

Since yesterday I have not had audio on any of my lessons on iLingq. It gives an error: “lesson has no audio file”. Any ideas what the problem might be, or how to resolve it?

Also, why is the audio downloaded every time to begin with? This seems to slow down seeking within the file a lot, and also appears to lead to most of the crashes I experience with the program.


Thanks for reporting that Arsenius. There is definitely a bug there. The app is not communicating properly with our server. We will look into it as soon as possible.

@Arsenius - The audio should be working on the iLingQ app now. Sorry about that.

For me audios still do not work.

You may have to close the app and reopen it to get them working.

Thanks Mark! I was able to use it again today.

Are there any plans to allow the audio to be cached on the phone? It really eats my battery and bandwidth to continuously load the audio when I listen on the go. Turning 3G off is not an option as we have no 2G service here. I would not be able to receive calls.

@arsenius - That is a much requested feature and something we are looking into.

Mark, I am an iOS developer and have released an app ( ). I would be willing to work on this in exchange for future references and my name somewhere in the app (and maybe a couple months membership here, but that’s not what I’m after). Let me know if you are interested. timothycosta at gmail dot com

@ arsenius - That sounds like a great offer to improve our app. Let’s talk. I will contact you.