iLingQ crashes

I have tried to open iLingQ many times today, but it always crashed before I could open a lesson. May this issue be related to the upgrade of my iPodTouch OS to version 4.1?

Hi Michele,

There is an issue that seems to appear when you have been working offline and then come online again. The system seems to knock you out until the data has been synced. Every time you try and connect the data syncs a little more. Keep trying and it will eventually open once all data is synced. We are looking into this.

Hi Mark,
actually, I don’t remember having used iLingQ offline lately. After reading your post, I tried opening the app three more times, but it keeps crashing.

Keep trying it Michele. It may take 10 times but will eventually work. We will fix this but, in the meantime, you need to keep trying to open it to get it to work.

@mikebond - Just so you know, we have uploaded a new version of the app to iTunes but it is awaiting approval still. It deals with many of the bugs we were having with iLingQ including this one. Hopefully it will be available in the next few days.

Great! Thanks a lot!

@mark will the new update allow us to download the audio, instead of streaming? I hope so!

@rjtrudel - I’m afraid not. You will still have to do that off the site and into iTunes.

Just a question Mark. Have you ever considered to create a version of iLingQ for the iPad? That is, an app that takes advantage of the bigger screen. I mean, to review some flashcards, it doesn’t matter, but when a study some lessons, the ipod screen looks really small in the iPad. I don’t know if it is complicated or not to just change the screen resolution in the app to make it HD for the iPad. Anyway, maybe it’s an idea for the future!

@ alsuvi - We have considered it and will likely do it someday. But, it is just one more thing on our list along with an Android or Blackberry app. Someday… :slight_smile:

The new version of iLingQ is up in the iTunes app store. You should see an update indicator the next time you go to the app store. This update includes a variety of bug fixes but no new functionality. The issue with the app crashing regularly should be resolved as well as the bug that was showing commas as question marks.

Thank you Mark, I understand!