iLingQ - Android + iOS

On Android, whenever I tap on “settings” the app closes. This is on a Samsung galaxy ace android 2.3.

Also, have you considered iPad support for the iOS version of iLingQ?

We’ve located the bug with the Settings, and it appears to only affect certain users. We should have this fixed in the next release of the Android app.

Also, we have looked at optimizing our iLingQ app for the iPad and may do so at some point in the near future. I hear there’s a new iPad on the way in the next couple of weeks. Depending on whether or not it has a high res display could affect what we decide to do here.

iLingQ is actually one of the key reasons I’m considering buying an iPad. I love the system, but occasionally sitting at the computer for so long is frustrating. The iOS/Android versions are good, but nothing beats the full version. A combination of the two on the iPad for portability would be amazing.