iLingQ: Allow background audio from lesson while flashcarding

Suggestion for iLingQ:

Allow background audio from lesson while flashcarding from the lesson.

I like to flashcard from the lesson while listening to the audio because it helps me focus on single words when listening to conversation,This is useful for Arabic because the alphabet is not fully phonetic.

a great idea, but I don’t think the flash cards are in the order they appear in the lesson.

How are you going to get the audio to match the flashcards?

I think dooo means that the audio will just run in the background…but if the flash cards were in the order they appear in the text, we could focus on the new words while listening to the lesson in the background.

I should mention the lessons I do are about 20 seconds or shorter. So when I do flashcards from a lesson, I see the Arabic script word which I can sort of sound out and I vaguely guess the pronunciation and meaning. At the same time I listen to the dialog looping in the background until I hear the word, checking the pronunciation, then I check the meaning by flipping the card.

It is helpful because we do not have sound for Arabic flashcards and the pronunciation of Arabic script, unlike say katakana, is hard to predict completely.

In fact I would do this were I to learn Chinese too, because it allows you to listen to words in connected speech.

I believe that we will soon have TTS for flash cards in the beta languages, although not in iLingQ.

I should also add that I do the above using the ipod touch and another device. Essentially I just want to be able to do it on the ipod touch alone.

Dooo, open the lesson in iLingQ and leave the audio on loop in the background. Open up the same lesson in Safari and then open up the flashcards (still in Safari). Although it’s slightly slower, you have audio in the background while you’re flash carding. I’ve just tried it with a Czech lesson.

Interesting idea, but it would require a fairly decent change in iLingQ to add this feature in a functional way (i.e. being able to control the audio while flashcarding). In this regard, we aren’t likely to add it now, but we will keep these ideas in mind as we continue to improve iLingQ.

Not really about having control of it, just having it in the background. THe controls could be left on the lesson page

With the controls on the Lesson page, it means you would have to go back to pause the audio, thereby losing your place in the list of flashcards. Probably fine for some (I, too, wouldn’t have a problem with it), but I would imagine it would be more annoying for people using the external speaker who are already 50/75 cards into their review and want to stop the audio for a moment.

I wonder if anyone else has any interest in a feature like this, or has other suggestions on how to improve iLingQ.

Hi Alex,

I think I’ve mentioned this exact thing to you before, perhaps a month ago.
I thought it was weird there was no way to listen to audio while using ilingq and flash cards ( unless you use the built in audio player on your device which is what I do). It would be nice if the Ilingq app allows you to play the lesson audio ( maybe in a loop if there’s option to toggle on/ off )… Personally I like to listen to audio while reviewing. Even if I’m not reviewing in order of the Audio file being played. It’s not about hearing individual words for me it’s just about generally listening while reviewing. Soo no controls is in flashcards section is fine. I wouldnt mind having to go back to pause because I already do that having to use the built in audio player. Just my thoughts…

@keroro - Good point. A little different from what dooo suggested, but I guess different folks can use the same feature in completely different ways :slight_smile:
If the idea gets enough support, we will look into how tough it would be to implement.

Alex, The exact place in the audio has nothing to do with my review. (See my comment #2) The key is I have really short lessons so any given word will come around again quickly. However audio controls on the flashcard screen would be nice and would open up more possibilities of reviewing pronunciation as part of the flow of speech.

I support the idea of having the sound bar appear beneath our flash cards in iLingQ. What is involved and when we might do it, I do not know. To gauge the interest in this, Ed, why not post it on getsatisfaction?

How aboout a user selectable amount of time to rewind. Sometimes 10 seconds is too long.

@rjtrudel - Thanks for the suggestion. We’re not likely to add an adjustable rewind button, mostly in the interest of keeping it simple. In the case where 10 seconds is too long, it’s probably better to manually rewind using the scrubber.

From the players i’ve downloaded, all they do is on their settings area, they have a place where you can set the time, its not complex. Oh well :frowning:

I will post it on getsatisfaction. But it occurs to me a better solution would be to follow the audio and text on the lesson page a few times, pausing and checking meaning when needed. Then doing flashcards relying on my working memory for the pronunciation.

There are however 2 issues with this. I often find that LingQs that should be highlighted are not in iLingQ, usually those at the ends of lines. So I can’t tap those to check the meaning. Another is the text is too small making tapping perilous. Yes. I have the large text setting selected. Some lessons are big. Some are small. Those that are big are ones I haven’t imported.